Sales and rentals in Cannes, France by John & John Real Estate. Rental accommodations for vacation and exhibitions. Mipim, Miptv, Cannes Film Festival, Lions, Mipcom, Tax Free. Apartments in Cannes. Houses in Cannes, Mougins, Cap d'Antibes and Théoule JOHN & JOHN REAL ESTATE Cannes Rentals
Since 1986

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Mipim, Miptv, Fipa, Mipcom, Tax Free, and other short exhibitions in Cannes


Studios From 1,250 Euros
Living room + one bedroom From 1,650 Euros
Living room + two bedrooms From 2,100 Euros
Living room + three bedrooms From 3,600 Euros
More bedrooms Above 4,000 Euros


Three bedrooms From 5,000 Euros
Four bedrooms From 6,700 Euros
Five bedrooms From 8,000 Euros
Six bedrooms From 9,000 Euros
More bedrooms Above 10,5000 Euros

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